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Welcome to the hottest new website online to place your sports bets. Veteran wagerers and new sports gambling fans you can place your bets on any sport worldwide.  You are not limited to betting on the  NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL & Horses but can bet all worldwide soccer matches including the Premier league, World Cup and MLS. Bet tennis and golf matches and even bet on cricket which is one of the world’s most popular games. You name the contest or race and you can place a bet on it here. There is no limit to how much fun and money you can make. The best thing of course is that all the sportsbooks we feature take action from US players. Yes I know; it’s cool!  Please sign up and compare all the wagering sites here. It’s easy. Simply click on each banner displayed and check out the offers, the odds, expert analysis and tips, quality predictions and the ease of placing your bet. Whether you’re home online or using your mobile device it’s very quick and easy to place your bets. Admit it. You have always wanted to test your skill and win money betting on sports. Now is your best chance to dive into the winner’s pool with safe and secure encrypted wagering on any game in any sport.

The football season has started and interest in betting NFL games is reaching a fevered pitch. Betting NCAA college football is a close second and of course the MLB playoffs and World Series are arounf the corner. Granted fantasy football is fun but it’s hard to win both fantasy and football bets successfully. Fantasy sports, unless it’s Fandual, don’t pay much. It’s generally individual player statistics that score. Betting sports is about teams winning as well as the individual feats. If you want to win your fantasy league and I have, it’s very time consuming and you may have trouble “having a life”. I did abd some say I still do LOL! Betting on games only when you want and when you feel like it is the best way to take full advantage of your discerning skills and the knowledge you have about sports. I know you love sports and have a desire to place a bet or are curious to know more about sports betting after all you made it here to I know you watch it with a passion and probably even study it. So do what you love to do. Pick winners! For many people it’s the best way to make extra money and some individuals can even make their living betting sports.

bet sports now

I would wager that on any given day concerning any given game nobody; not even the experts that work for these companies know more than you do. Maybe you know the math, the strategies, the trends, the behind the scenes stuff and injury reports for your favorite teams. Maybe you got a hot tip or simply have a strong hunch. Maybe you’re just a casual player. So go ahead put your money where your instincts and heart is. Heck you pick games anyways.  You might as well start capitalizing. Your better than the sports writers, your classmates, friends and work associates, so get on board and start winning your bets and making money today.

For the veteran player there is no more need to call your bookie frantically and get a busy signal or hound them for payment or deal on the sly. Be legit; get better odds and faster payouts when you win at any of these top rated sports books. As an experienced sport better you understand how important it is for the book to be reliable, always up to date and always up and available. You will love the customer service that these firms provide. It’s time to break away from your old and frustrating ways of playing and join all of the winning sportsbooks featured here. I guarantee you will be impressed and happy with the results.

And if you’re a betting newbie get ready to have some fun and make some money with your game picking skills. Our “How to” guides sponsored by Wager Web can walk you through how to bet on any sport you may have an interest in. Wager Web is a top tier, highly rated sports book with excellent customer support and a really knowledgeable staff. All these companies have a help line and chat for any issues, questions even advice. To help both veteran gamblers and newbie’s get the best edge, I have compiled the top gambling guides and systems that money can buy on the’s shopping page. An informed player is a winning player.

While you’re perusing through the site why not stock up on merchandise from your favorite teams. Get licensed merchandise direct from the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and Nascar amongst other companies that we partner with. Whatever you need that is sports related you can find here, from autographs to game tickets, to player jerseys. Shop and play at and be a winner today!

Now let’s get down to it! So you want to know WHO IS GOING TO WIN the football and baseball games this week. I have been studying sporting events, team trends, sports lines, wagering and sports news for decades. Yes I am that old. I am sure I have won more than I have lost bottom line. That’s pretty good. I’m not the greatest pro but I have had endless fun, lots of thrills with some real disappointments mixed in as well. Can you say Buckner. Anytime Boston doesn’t win in anything I’m bummed but I don’t always bet Boston. I bet who I feel has the best chance to beat the odds sentiments aside. Anyone who says they win all the time is a liar. When you sort it out in the end you stick to a system, bet your instincts or bet a combination of the 2. If your good you’ll make money.

Like anyone you want to win more than you lose and maximize your money return. In order to wager confidently you will need to have a good and positive overall feeling and justification to support your bet. You must feel good about the odds. As you can see I don’t suggest guessing or throwing darts at the sports page. Some people have developed systems and many follow systems that they pay for. I never did that but do know others who have had great success going strictly by the numbers. It takes discipline to go against your hometown team for example but to win my advice would be to be selective and only bet 4 or 5 games a week, albeit for at least $100 a pop, but everyone’s different and that’s your call.

Please note; if you don’t know, the odds can vary from book to book so I suggest having accounts with all the companies listed on the site. Odds change dynamically right up to and even during the game if it’s allowed, whereas the Vegas lines, the newspapers, even today’s are old news. Which book you lay your bet with may depend on the event or the odds or you may be taking advantage of bonuses, freebies and special offerings. You’re the boss, you have the ball, now run with it.

For my first post I could have given you a rundown and handicap all upcoming games but that’s redundant. Hundreds of people do that and it’s not a good use of my time or yours. I do suggest using all the information already available in print, online and on the airways as well as maybe some advanced analytics that you uncover. The websites for all these sportsbooks are loaded with information and advice and there are professional handicappers that can help you pick for a fee. In any case be informed, do your homework, be confident and then let it rip. Good luck, have fun and best wishes for a great gambling experience – and may you WIN TONS OF MONEY this year!

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