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Well I got suckered again by my so called friends.They tell me that I know my shit (and I’m off the pot too hehe) so what the heck.  I might as well have some fun and lay it on the line Using Wager Webs line which I find to be quite fair. Wager Web is super highly regarded in the sports book industry as they set odds in a better friendly manner that suits me and they pay out very, very quickly. To an active player that is huge, it’s actually a difference maker. If your like me With all the bills I need my money NOW and also having my money now lets me gamble more daily MORE haha.

OK so how I’m going to do this thing is I will put my $$ stamp on where I will put my money. Don’t go by me strictly that way you can’t blame me!

I have seen up to 3 points difference on different lines so I recommend getting a feel for who you like, knowing WHY and then searching for the line that favors your choice the best. Some people chart all the sportsbooks that are displayed on BetSportsNow as they do differ and they also change as game time gets closer and injury reports come out. Other issues emerge that can effect your pick is whether it’s rain or snow, or a star player gets arrested or divorced, sometimes you just never know.

New York Jets +12 -115 ov/$$un 43 -110
New England Patriots -12 -105

San Diego Chargers +7 -110 ov/un 54.5 -110
Philadelphia Eagles$$ -7 -110

Cleveland Browns +6.5 -110 ov/un 43.5 -110
Baltimore Ravens$$ -6.5 -110

Tennessee Titans +9.5 -110 ov/un 43 -110
Houston Texans$$ -9.5 -110

Miami Dolphins +2.5 -105 0v/un 43 -110
Indianapolis Colts$$ -2.5 -115

Carolina Panthers -3 Even ov/$$un 43 -110
Buffalo Bills +3 -120

St Lous Rams +7 -125 ov/un 47 -110
Atlanta Falcons$$ -7 +105

Washington Redskins +7.5 -110 ov/un 49.5 -110
Green Bay Packers$$ -7.5 -110

Dallas Cowboys$$ +3 -115 ov/un 46.5 -110
Kansas City Chiefs -3 -105

Minnesota Vikings +6 -110 ov/un 42 -110
Chicago Bears$$ -6 -110

New Orleans Saints -3 -120 ov/un 47 -110
Tampa Bay Buccaneers$$ +3 Even

Detroit Lions$$ -1.5 -110 ov/un 47.5 -110
Arizon Cardinals +1.5 -110

Jacksonville Jaguars +5.5 -110 ov/un 39 -110
Oakland Raiders$$ -5.5 -110

Denver Broncos$$ -4.5 -110 ov/un 54.5 -110
New York Giants +4.5 -110

San Francisco 49ers +3 -125 ov/un 44.5 -110
Seattle Seahawks$$ -3 +105

Pittsburgh Steelers +7 -115 ov/un 40.5 -110
Cincinnati Bengals$$ -7 -105

Baseball is still red hot! The Yankees are making a strong playoff push. Too bad Jeter is out but he was hurting and he is better off on the bench as another coach. The Yanks are always a good bet but be careful not to overpay, don’t let your sentiments get in the way. As I have mentioned on twitter I myself am riding the Red Sox amost every game. This seems to be a magical season of destiny with a comletely retrofitted ballclub full of good guys and gamers.

robinson cano hr

Sundays Nascar Sprint Cup Championship should be a real shootout with Jimmie Johnson at +150 followed by Kyle Busch and Matt Kenseth at +350. Note I just checked Top Bet and Jeff Gordon Martin Truex and Brad Keselowski are off the board.

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