March Madness is Here

Is March Madness a joke or a puzzle? If anyone can name all 64 teams in their proper brackets with seeds and then predict all the games correctly up to and including the sweet 16, final 4 and the eventual champion, then I will eat my hemp hat that I produced with my 3D home printer. Talk about a crap shoot! Like the lottery though somebody is going to win a big prize somewhere. You may even win your office pool and that’s cool. Couple hundred and bragging rights. If you really want to make money though gambling on the NCAA basketball tournament you will need some professional guidance unless of course you know more than me. Just like my early season football philosophies I say go after the easy fish to catch, the trophy fish later in the tournament are a bit tougher. Though upsets ALWAYS happen early, for the most part the teams that have been seeded higher are better teams than the lower. Seems obvious however some lower teams have great talent but perhaps didn’t win as much as they could have during the season. Those are the trap games. The games casual fans lose their shirts and their position on the office pool score boards. Do your homework people who guess are just throwing darts at the bracket in the dark.

Like with any individual contest it’s all about match-ups. In baseball it’s this pitcher vs this batter. With hoops it’s this 5 vs that 5, both with cat n mouse games to try and create badabing ..mismatches. In betting games the same mentality exists. You take what your given for the a match-up and try and figure out how teams will attack each other, exploit weaknesses and otherwise find a way to win ( or in your case at least beat the spread.) There are going to be several matches that may be worth taking the over on if both teams run and gun. There could be under’s when one team ( typically an Ivy league school like Penn) likes to stalls and then there can be just some plain 20 point blowouts by clubs that have deep benches that keep pouring it on long after it’s been decided.

I suggest beginning to notice trends in team play and individual players now. Example: Syracuse squeezing by on a couple buzzer beaters before getting knocked off the unbeaten ranks by a scrappy but nevertheless average BC team. They seem beatable now and while they may win an early match maybe they don’t cover the spread.

Good luck as always figures in about as much as skill. Save some money for early season baseball betting which has it’s own special intrigue that I will discuss next..

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