I’m Not Bragging but I’m Pretty Damn Good

I had a very good weekend. Mayweather winning made me happy 🙂  I cannot believe that anyone would dare bet against him. I predict he will retire undefeated. I also hit on most of my football games and a couple of baseball wins. During the week I tend to lay low although by the time you read this you will have seen the Bengals chew up the Steelers on Monday night football making me another $100.

I find that most professional pundits and fans alike can determine who should win. Who should win is reflected in the odds. Team A is favored to win by 7 points over team B. Team A is obviously better. Makes sense. And it makes sense that most fans will back the team that is favored to win. It is a natural instinct. What is harder and why I get paid the big bucks is figuring out who will beat the spread and which team will pull the outright upset. Not as much analysis and thought goes into it as you might think however.I don’t spend hour upon hour studying stats and trends. Sometimes it’s just a feeling or a news clip about an injury or I sense the team’s mood or I saw something in the prior game that clues me into the future. Example while I did think that the Colts would beat the Dolphins and I was wrong of course I was pleasantly surprised with Tannerhills poise in that noisy dome and the Dolphins pass rush is for real. The Dolphins have some tough upcoming games but to my eye they look ready to make some noise. I was also impressed with Jay Cutler. It looks like he is ready to take that next step up in his game. He always had a gun. So I have good vibes with them. And speaking of making noise I doubt I will ever bet against Seattle in Seattle. You need sign language skills to communicate there. Wow. And they are damn good too!

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It’s still pretty early in the college season. An early season favorite bet for me is the one sided matchups of powerhouse schools “warming up” with pushovers. Anyone can tell that Alabama will beat Alabama A & M by a lot but will they beat them by 47 points? I love those mismatch games that have ridiculous lines and I often do bet on the bully to really rub it in. Impressive stats and tons of points scored look good when they total up over the season.  A running back that chugs for 224 yards is a quarter of the way to a thousand yard season and It doesn’t matter who it’s against. At the end of the year we just know he ran for 1233 yards. There didn’t seem to be as many of those this season and now conference play is on but I will keep my eye out for the occasional lopsided matchup it’s usually easy money however as always miracles happen and David’s do slay Goliaths.

Ok I will check in on Thursday with my take on next week end games and a thought or two on the pennant races in baseball. I would pipe in on soccer or futball as they say overseas but I will be honest I just don’t know enough about the teams and players to do anything but guess. I will try to bone up for the World Cup as that truly is a spectacular event.  I do enjoy watching soccer but only at the highest level and it’s always so much better to watch sports when your betting so it’s time for me to pay attention or I will be paying the man.

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