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So you want to know how to bet soccer and win large sums..

So we are in the middle of football season NFL style that is and I keep getting asked about futbol by the guys at the Ortiz’s BBQ & Grill in Not So Little Havana. Hey gringo how come it isn’t on regular free TV like every day and we have to watch this boring helmeted mayhem where they throw the damn weird shaped ball whereas our beautiful game of futbal is the game of choice in 212 out of 241 countries. And why do I have to wire money to my primo Luis in order to bet to which I reply:

bet soccerSoccer’s popularity worldwide has never been in question. If you want to bet on soccer or futbol as they say be my guest at any of the fine sports books displayed on this site. There is no doubt that it is the top watched and most beloved sport all over the world. Yes it is called affectionately “the beautiful game” for the graceful and athletic artistry is often compared to poetry in motion. It is the subject of much fantasy and lore and it is the dream of billions of youngsters worldwide to play on the grand carpeted playing fields of almost any country you can name not named the United States. The FIFA World Cup, an international competition is played every four years and the anticipation is already building. The next World Cup will be played in Brazil starting in June of 2014 and already people are buying up tickets and merchandise like no tomorrow. It is always the year’s most watched event with people staying up way past bedtimes and routinely skipping work and school. Later in 2016 Rio de Janiero Brazil hosts the Summer Olympic Games which is also are a huge international soccer event. Whether the World Cup or the Olympics whole nations shut down to watch their national team compete no matter the hour of the day or night. Winning on the international level even regional levels is considered to be a momentous accomplishment. And soccer players who excel are national heroes. In Europe and in every region of the world there are competitive association leagues that compete for their own championships. The European Leagues under the UEFA , especially the UK’s Premier League and Spain’s Premera Division are particularly top flight in play and attract the best players who play for huge salaries.  In the United States soccer while having been played competitively for decades at a high level of skill never was as popular as other professional sports like baseball or basketball. However lately with so many thousands of  boys and girls of all ages playing recreationally as a healthy sporting activity there naturally has been an increased interest in the game at a the higher professional level. Most highs schools and colleges’ field teams and many star players from the US are now moving into the international playing professional arena. The USA’s professional league is called MLS for Major League Soccer and the competitive play is quite good. The league has attracted better players from all over the world and to bet on MLS games is now common.  Surprisingly most fans do not understand how to bet on soccer matches in a successful manner. There is more than what meets the eye and much to know behind the surface if one wants to get an edge. If you want to beat the bookies when betting on soccer then you will need to be up on the basics of soccer and here are some key factors to consider before placing a soccer wager. Of course you can find the current soccer odds at any of our sports book partner’s sites.

1. Team Trends
Betters should always take the  time to look at the recent play of a team. It can go a long way to making a good soccer pick. If available, look at match reports for recent games. If match statistics shown are good for one team and poorer for the other but the better team lost then the loss was obviously not because of bad play per se but perhaps the bad luck or a better goalkeeping day for the winning side.

2. Team News
Team news is always important, as here you will find out which players are benched or suspended. The loss of a key player can have a serious effect on the outcome of a match. You will want to know how good the reserve players are in such cases. In addition, you will want to keep an eye-out for long term injuries and players coming back from injuries. Long-term injuries or new injuries since the last match can spell doom for some teams especially those that build around one or two key players. And returning players will not be in the best shape for playing at the top of their game.

3. Team Motivation
Motivation of a team goes a long way to producing results. When betting on soccer you will want to check the standing of the team whether on the domestic or international front. Do they need points? Where do they lie in the standings? What are their interests – do they put emphasis on the domestic cup or are they focused on international success. Is the upcoming match important to them?

4. Player Motivation
Player motivation—particular a big name – is hugely important but perhaps one of the most difficult things to measure when handicapping soccer. However, some indicators can be useful. Media is a great source of gossip. Soccer players, coaches and clubs in general will garner the attention of their local/domestic media. Conflicts within a team, whether between players or a coach and a (or some) player (s) can be indicative of where a player’s motivation lies with respect to performance. Trade rumours, a player unhappy with his current assignment, a major disagreement with coaching tactics or any manner of internal strife can be a sign of trouble for a team.

5. Schedule
Team schedules vary. Some months are busier than others are, particularly when domestic cup competition coincides with qualification for international competitions. When the two collide, teams may face more time on the pitch. Checking to see when the team last played. How much they have played can be a good sign whether they are in terms of playing form or how tired they are.

6. Head-to-Head Records
Looking at head-to-head statistics is perhaps the most common tool in handicapping any sport. Checking the history between two soccer clubs is a good benchmark when making soccer picks. Also, compare home and away records between them and if they share an extraordinarily competitive history. Recent humiliating outings and crushing losses can be great motivators for revenge on the pitch particularly when there is the added plot twist of a deep and longstanding rivalry. It can work in reverse by giving a team confidence in replicating a winning performance.

7. Home and Away Records
Some teams play better at home while others play better away. The lucky few – or typically known as powerhouses – play rather well under most circumstances. Statistics for home and away matches are suggestive of where the team’s chances will lie. (In some instances in European soccer, teams share a stadium so you will want to keep an eye out for that as well.)

Well that about wraps it up for this week’s edition of How to have fun, stay out of trouble and gamble on sports every day Cheers

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