Go With Your Gut…


…NOT What So Called Experts Say…

As the experts are mostly proven to be wrong! I don’t discount their opinions or mock their predictions. Most of these fellows are professional prognosticators and know their sports well. Some are acknowledged experts in their particular sport. Most of the media guys don’t have a dog in the show so they are pretty straight. I am a little leery of the Vegas guys and the so called betting services heck they are in it to make money for themselves and or their companies. So why would they give you consistent winners when they need you to lose in order for them to make money. I have been particularly following cbssports.com’s stable of writers with regard to football mainly. These guys and there are 8 of them are so called experts. They talk football all day long. If you look at their track record this year you would have made a ton of money betting completely opposite of what they predicted with the line bets. To this point in the season, through week 11, they were right 661 vs wrong 717 times. That is a 56 game difference. If you won 56 more games than lost you would smiling! Sure most anyone can be successful picking straight winners more than 50% of the time as the teams are clearly better or worse than their opponent. Picking winners with odds that reflect that disparity is tougher. By the way that winning (or really losing percentage) is pretty consistent year after year regardless of prediction services or shows or whatever. Don’t believe the hype with forecasters who guarantee winners, there is no guarantees and if they tell you they are hitting 65 – 79 % or whatever run. There is always a catch. Sure they will give you a few gimmes but what do they do on the tough matchups..


Have you ever noticed how many times you have a “feeling” that a team will win or make it close and then you start to debate that with yourself? You begin to analyze then rationalize and you come to the same conclusion as the majority of folks and put your money on the team that is supposed to win or is acknowledged to be poised for the upset. And them blam you lose and kick yourself because you actually knew better, you felt it and yes you should have bet it. It takes a lot of guts to bet by instinct and buck the trends and the odds makers but there is something to be said about intuition and I know this is murky but quantum physics has a role in all these outcomes. I’m suggesting that some people are more clairvoyant to some degree than others but all human beings even you have potential that is untapped to feel what may or may not happen. Companies hate to lose money and fortunately for them not many people think this way and in fact most people are sheep led to slaughter by following the mainstream predictions. Ever wonder why the spread is 3 points and the final score is 24-20 you lose. Maybe the fix is in or maybe they just know their business. I am sure you know yours whether you’re a plumber of a printer. You know how to price jobs to make money. These guys know how to set odds to make money. But hell you knew it was a gamble going in, like playing the lottery you’re hoping to win. I say stop hoping to win and really start listening to your inner self your intuition and take the bull by the horns and go with your instinct. You just might find that you are tapping your inner higher consciousness and your innate ability to feel who’s a winner or not.  So good luck with your bets this weekend and the rest of the season but don’t leave it to chance. You’re smart you know the game. Trust yourself enough to go with your gut.

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  1. Joe says:

    In Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink he sites numerous examples, backed by studies in some cases, where it is way better to go by instinct. Calls it thin slicing. When you over analyze you can actually fool your brain into the wrong decision! So like US says let your gut be your guide in gambling sports assuming you know the game. In ticket purchasing however I would say take your time to actually compare pricing as it is fact the prices can be different from site to site. My favorite site is http://www.nationalticketagency.com

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