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The NCAA college football and the NFL pro football seasons are just past midway. We see a lot of parity with traditionally strong teams slumping and long time doormats rising. In college the SEC is crushing it. Right now Mississippi St and Ole Miss are highly ranked who would have thought that? The fine state of Mississippi is finally in the limelight for good reasons! Florida St and Alabama are up there too. That’s 4 of the top teams. I say it will be “Roll Tide” in the end, you can bet on it. Hopefully you’ve heeded my advice and stayed away from the toughest college matchups the first few weeks. Always unpredictable outcomes occur that defy logic and mess you up. After all its college kids and they have slightly more issues than the pros. On second thought hmm… Anyway for years I’ve been advocating betting the over and or taking the overwhelming lopsided favorites in the first few weeks. (Like when Alabama plays Alabama A & M, It’s lopsided for a reason) Now that conference games dominate you can look back at half seasons body of work, assess momentum, schedules, injuries, player run -ins with the law etc to give you a bit more insight into future matchups. Hopefully you will have more confidence with your picks with study. Nobody can guess and win money. You have to do your homework.

Football , yes the kind you throw, good ole American gringo wham- bam- bet- em- maam is back in full swing. While NBA basketball and NHL hockey have begun their seasons, nobody except true sports nuts and diehard betters are paying them attention yet. Pro Football wise my general rule of thumb: If a team is physically talented and has been successful recently, like last season or last couple of years and has a solid stable coach and owner then it would be safe to assume that they will be good again this year. Makes sense that Denver, New England, Philly, Baltimore, Indy, Green Bay will play well. Great programs like Seattle looks shaky now but Dallas and Detroit seem on roll.

All these clubs will win their share that is no secret but it is always going to be what the lines are and then what the final score is so study up. Keep up on injuries to key players, performance trends and the like. I always recommend compiling at least mentally if not in a more sophisticated manner, which teams the experts pick on a week to week basis. Wednesday or Thursday is when I start to get serious. Newspapers in big markets usually have fairly competent and knowledgeable writers who pick games. CBS, ESPN and a dozen other networks and sports portals have experts analyzing and picking winners. Of course the books and Vegas have their own experts so by all means soak up as much as you can handle.

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Seriously if you’re going bet a couple hundred bucks or more as most gamblers are wont to do, and yes that’s what you are, you should put the same time into it that equals what $200 is in earnings is at your job. If you make $1000 a week and assuming your getting by and playing for gravy to enjoy or bank and not eat you should put at least a few to several hours into thinking it all out. If you’re a big better, a big wig or a wannabe put in more time. Hint: according to research and as read in a Malcolm Gladwell book, forgot which one, the more time you work at this or anything really, dream about it and study it the sooner you will be an expert yourself. What’s a measly 10,000 hours. Experts win. They take an interest, a hobby (or some would say a vice) and make a living at it and luck has very little to do with it. The truth is hard work pays off. To coin another cliché there is no easy way to riches unless you inherit a fortune or win the lottery.

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