Football Rules & Suckers Lose.

alabama football 2013

Read this and win your bets! The NCAA college football and the NFL pro football seasons are just past midway. We see a lot of parity with traditionally strong teams slumping and long time doormats rising. In college the SEC is crushing it. Right now Mississippi St and Ole Miss Read more »

March Madness is Here


Is March Madness a joke or a puzzle? If anyone can name all 64 teams in their proper brackets with seeds and then predict all the games correctly up to and including the sweet 16, final 4 and the eventual champion, then I will eat my hemp hat that I Read more »

Are You Ready For Crunch Time?

For some fans “it’s now or never” as footballs biggest games are coming up. Betting on sports will be at a fevered pitch as the official bowl matchups are now announced. Between college bowl games, the NFL playoffs and then the grand daddy of all betting events the Super Bowl Read more »

Go With Your Gut…

…NOT What So Called Experts Say… As the experts are mostly proven to be wrong! I don’t discount their opinions or mock their predictions. Most of these fellows are professional prognosticators and know their sports well. Some are acknowledged experts in their particular sport. Most of the media guys don’t Read more »

How To Bet Soccer

So you want to know how to bet soccer and win large sums.. So we are in the middle of football season NFL style that is and I keep getting asked about futbol by the guys at the Ortiz’s BBQ & Grill in Not So Little Havana. Hey gringo how Read more »

Get in the Game and Bet Baseball Today!

The MLB baseball playoffs are in full swing. As exciting as the playoffs are, the World Series takes the proverbial sporting cake. It’s a best of 7 series and it offers betters many opportunities to play ball! If you have shied away from betting baseball because it’s too confusing read Read more »

I’m Not Bragging but I’m Pretty Damn Good


I had a very good weekend. Mayweather winning made me happy 🙂  I cannot believe that anyone would dare bet against him. I predict he will retire undefeated. I also hit on most of my football games and a couple of baseball wins. During the week I tend to lay Read more »

You’re in luck when you BetOnSportsNow!

Welcome to the hottest new website online to place your sports bets. Veteran wagerers and new sports gambling fans you can place your bets on any sport worldwide.  You are not limited to betting on the  NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL & Horses but can bet all worldwide soccer matches including Read more »